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“As a hospital chaplain working primarily within our secure adult psychiatric units, I often encounter LGBTQ+ persons who have suffered deep spiritual wounds from their families and faith communities. Usually, I meet them in the aftermath of a suicide attempt. I have found Amber’s books to be sources of deep healing and affirmation-especially in sorting out voices of rejection and shame from God’s own expansive, utterly inclusive and loving embrace.”

– Chaplain Tami Terpstra, MDiv, Colorado

"There is something deeply nourishing about showing up

somewhere and feeling immediately nurtured by a host and a space. The care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail that flows with Amber and Cultivating Community Retreats is one-of-a-kind. Amber's approach to hosting is genuine, loving, and grounded in healing, inclusion, and comfort for all participants and their unique needs. If you want to let go, rest, make meaningful connections, and open your heart - as you are - in a low-barrier, low-pressure environment, a personalized Cultivating Community retreat is for you."

-Jonathon Stalls, Colorado

"It is no exaggeration to say that the Cultivating Community retreat that Amber Cantorna-Wylde led was the most healing experience

of my life. Amber is a master at encouraging without pushing, understanding how to move a group through an experience, and

bringing people together in a way that facilitates deep bonding and the kind of relationships that last.”

-Alicia Johnston, Arizona

“I so appreciate Amber’s honesty, her ongoing faith journey, and her willingness to support LGBTQ families. I am a supportive mother of a wonderful gay son and Amber has given me strength.”

-Gill, New Zealand

"Amber Cantorna-Wylde plays the part of big sister, faith guide, and encourager-in-chief and does it very well."

-Becki Bayless

Unashamed is a perfect 10! This is Amber Cantorna-Wylde at her best. ‘Unashamed’ is a little bit Brene Brown, with a pinch of Anne Lamott, and a dash of Maggie Lamond Simone. You will be happy you made this book the newest member of your dog-eared personal library.”

-Darla O'Connor

“When I think of Amber’s input into my life and the valuable resources she has created, I am immensely thankful. I draw strength and wisdom from Amber’s journey, especially the fact that she has chosen to stay true to herself and is helping people like me to do the same, even when it’s difficult. Your value is immeasurable Amber. I’m so grateful for you.”

-Sam, South Africa

"Reading Out of Focus has changed my life. To see someone with such a similar story perfectly reflect my emotions and thoughts on the pages of a book is a feeling that can not be described. Amber does a fantastic job of making this book both educational and personal. I’ve never felt less alone than when I read this book and knew that I was not the only one out there with a story like this. Thank you Amber."



2024 Events


06.02.24 - The Village (Atlanta, GA)

06.16.24 - Beth-El Menonnite Church (Colorado Springs, CO)

08.25.24 - "1946: The Movie" Tour Event (Colorado Springs, CO)

10.13.24 - Heart of Longmont (Longmont, CO


Amber is accepting invitations for both in-person and virtual events. To book Amber to speak, or to host an Out of Focus event and book signing in your area, please go to the Contact page and submit a request. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Amber’s expertise has led her to speak across the country at various conferences, Fortune 500 companies, universities, non-profit organizations, and churches. If you would like to schedule Amber Cantorna-Wylde to speak at one of your upcoming events, or if you would like to host an Out of Focus event or workshop, please go to the Contact page and submit a request!

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