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A storyteller and community healer at heart, I love to gather the spiritual nomads, the wanderers, the doubters, the seekers, and especially those who have been pushed to the margins of society and/or faith and bring them into a place that feels like home.  I’m a national speaker, coach, and advocate supporting LGBTQ+ people as they navigate their coming out process, and educating others on the importance of full inclusion.


I’m the author of three books, including Unashamed  (the first coming-out guide for LGBTQ people of faith). My newest book Out of Focus: My Story of Sexuality, Shame, and Toxic Evangelicalism  releases October 2023. I'm the creator and host of the Unashamed Love Collective~a beautifully diverse and inclusive online community for LGBTQ+ people and allies. I also curate and lead Cultivating Community retreats, gathering small groups of people in safe spaces of belonging and empowering them to love who they are and create lasting relationships with one another.

My experience of loss and love has propelled me into a world of advocating for social justice and has made me passionate about dissolving shame, fostering self-acceptance, and generating messages of hope, love, and inclusion so that everyone can live and thrive in the world without shame. 

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One-on-One Coaching Now Available!

Needing some support and guidance to help you on your journey as a queer person? Individual coaching packages are now available and can be tailored specifically to your needs!

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Out of Focus Prologue Video



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